306: How do you best engage an audience? with Anton Gunn

Having an engaged audience is every speaker’s desire.

How do you engage your audience? 

In this sixth and final podcast in Season 3 of the KEY5 Podcast, Sarah Jo Crawford and Robert Ferguson unpack interesting options speakers use to emotionally and physically engage their audience.

Here is some of what is included:

  • What props are useful and how do they work well?
  • How can the space you’ve been given best engage the audience?
  • Using the stage as a visual experience – choreograph your presentation.
  • Technology can engage! Use a “catch box”, audience cell-phones, etc.
  • Preparing for engagement before and after the presentation, and more.

Plan ahead to engage and to continue the engagement after the presentation!

Use some of these ideas to add value with engagement – it will help you win future opportunities.

Anton Gunn shares ideas on audience engagement.

Anton Gunn is an Author, Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Presidential Advisor, and Diversity Officer. He often does the exact opposite of what people are expecting, and this starts engaging the audience. Listen as he shares some of his unique ways of capturing attention.

Connect with Anton Gunn on LinkedIn, or on his website.

This podcast concludes the 3rd season of the KEY5 Speaker Podcast!

Thanks so much for listening!

Reach out to Sarah Jo Crawford on Twitter – and Robert Ferguson on LinkedIn.

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