304: How do you use technology as a speaker? with Evan Caroll

In this 4th episode of the third season of the KEY5Podcast Sarah Jo Crawford and Robert Ferguson discuss:

Will your presentation slides look good on the day you speak? 

  • the best aspect ratio for the slides,
  • fonts that will cause issues and why,
  • animations – what not to use and why,
  • video files – how to be sure you have the video in your slides,
  • best practices for sound and speakers if you have video/audio.

Other technology:

  • live polling during the presentation (with suggestions),
  • set up a single slide that will encourage connection via social media,
  • scheduling auto tweets ahead of the presentation to show up to retweet,
  • your “clicker” for slides – not all clickers are made equal,
  • how to use your clicker to make your screen go light or dark,
  • laser pointer or not? Are they outdated?
  • microphones – what can go wrong – how to test and practice,
  • recording your own audio for later use,
  • and add in “redundancy” backups – what are they?

At the end of all this discussion, Sarah Jo and Robert feel you need to be able to present without any technology… just in case!

Evan Carroll shares his view on technology.

Evan Carroll, Customer Experience Keynote Speaker and Author, shares his experiences and suggestions when dealing with technology and presentations. He gives tips on his favorite tech, including microphones and new technology that will capture your imagination. He shares his caveats and must-dos.

The KEY5Podcast is produced by the Team at Your Local Studio.

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