302: How to develop content for your speech? with Karin Wiberg

Sarah Jo Crawford and Robert Ferguson discuss these ideas on how to develop content:

  • mining social media for discussions
  • digging deeper in specific areas
  • using audience “magic moments”
  • solving a problem or pain point
  • and trending topics and their impact on your area of expertise.

On developing content… should you plan all your content ahead of time? What do you think?

And then they turn to an expert, Karin Wiberg, to weigh in on content creation. Robert interviews her and they chat about:

  • brainstorming and other tactics
  • how to generate specific content for an area
  • using your own voice to be fresh after research
  • using triggers from daily life
  • reasons why speakers (and others) find it hard to find content
  • creative ways to develop content
  • Karin’s ideas on a content calendar
  • and more.

Karin Wiberg is a Ghostwriter, Editor, Publisher, and Coach. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Sarah Jo Crawford is a marketer, writer, and professional speaker – connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Robert Ferguson is a speaker, writer, and consultant with a passion for values. Reach out on LinkedIn to connect.

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