301: How to market yourself as a speaker? with Graeme Newell

Welcome back to our 3rd season of the KEY5Podcast! 

This season we’re raising the bar to include the delightful Sarah Jo Crawford as a co-host. The two co-hosts share relevant ideas surrounding the topic of the featured guest interview, and then you’ll hear the interview.

KEY5Podcast Season 3 will directly address Speakers’ questions.

In the first KEY5Podcast this season, the interview guest is Graeme Newell, a marketing researcher, author, and speaker.

He was also a guest in season 1, and is returning to talk about a topic every speaker needs more information about: how to market yourself as a speaker.

Question: How can you market yourself as a speaker?

Graeme Newell shares his insights on how to sell yourself as a speaker by designing a system to quickly and easily make contact with people. He tells you how he does it, and how long it takes. Pretty cool.

Listen to hear the ideas and details!

You’re going to hear ideas you’ve never heard, with specific details that you can translate into your speaking business.

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