220: Jay Izso | Internet Doctor

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Jay Izso motivates and inspires audiences by speaking on how to apply psychology to enhance both business and personal areas of life.

He’s known as the “Internet Doctor” and is the author of the book, “Got Social Mediology?: Using Psychology to Master Social Media for Your Business without Spending a Dime”.


On stories: The demographics and psychographics of the group you’re speaking with are important. “What would make the audience say: Wow!” is one of the questions Jay asks the organizers. Listen for more information on how Jay crafts his stories.

On speaking for free: Jay says even when speaking for “free”, always invoice the organization. Jay may speak for free for churches and non-profits, and for groups where a specific opportunity is available, including selling books.

More tips: Be well scripted when being asked to speak. He has a few key phrases with which to respond, and Jay shares those phrases on the podcast. Brilliant! He also says that it’s important to add new stories and research to be fresh for your audience.


Connect with Jay Izso on LinkedIn and on his website.

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