211: Tim Moore | Generational Insights

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“Audiences will respond when you have their best interest at heart.” ~ Tim Moore

Tim Moore speaks with audiences about generational differences – specifically as it pertains to North America.


Tim Moore’s podcast was filled with so many relevant and valuable tips. You’ll want to take notes – these are just a few of the highlights!

Sit with your audience before you speak and engage them in conversation. Once you get up on the stage the audience will pull for your success because you’ve made a personal connection. Tim talks a little bit about his strategy doing this on the podcast.


  • Don’t be afraid to speak about your personal life. It creates connection.
  • Always wear a lavalier microphone – you want to be able to work the stage.
  • Listen to speakers before you so you can tie a thread from your speech to others.
  • Get in early and stay late. Don’t be the person who arrives just in time to speak and heads to the airport directly after. Give more than anyone expects.

When does Tim speak for free? He goes into detail on these three points:

  • to help a cause
  • to find new customers
  • to test new material

One caveat: Be careful when speaking for free if you’re a regional speaker – listen to the podcast as Tim expands on this idea.


Connect with Tim Moore on LinkedIn or Twitter and on his website.

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