209: Dr. Jack Singer | Speaker, Consultant and Sports Psychologist

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Dr. Jack Singer is a Professional Keynote speaker, consultant, trainer and mentor to financial advisors and their organizations.  He’s also funny – you’ll be chuckling all through the podcast!

He helps people recognize the psychological obstacles everyone encounters that stop them from being successful and then helps them overcome those obstacles. He’s the author of five books, and a Professional Sports Psychologist.


As a speaker, Dr. Jack Singer says he wishes he knew not try to do it all yourself at the beginning. Get help. His experience joining a speaker’s association was the best way to begin as a professional speaker. He goes on to give more ideas for those working on their speaking business on the Podcast

On Stories

He says they need to be yours, and they need to be true. They also need a point that fits into what he’s teaching. The message is core, but it’s customized for the audience.

On Speaking for Free

When you’re first beginning to speak, it’s good to speak for free. But Dr. Jack Singer says he has 3-point criteria in his current speaking career to speak pro-bono or for a small fee:

  1. Is it a non-profit?
  2. Can this audience help me speak elsewhere?
  3. Is it a location that would be good for a get-away with his wife? Maui? Yes!

In the podcast, he explains in more detail what each of these points means. You’ll chuckle.


Connect with Dr. Jack Singer on his website, on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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