208: Karl Sakas – Agency Business Coach

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Karl Sakas speaks on agency management to those who lead, and as a consultant, helps digital agency owners and managers make their work fun and profitable. His parents got him on the track to being a speaker. Listen to the KEY5Podcast to learn where it went from there!

Using Improv

Using his improv comedy training on stage, Karl Sakas invites audience members to introduce the situational challenges they’ve encountered with agency clients. With two decades of experiences with clients in the agency world, Karl has encountered almost every problem imagined, and he leads what happens on stage with improv as the catalyst to engage the audience.

You’ll hear his view on how improv works on stage as a speaker, even if it could appear a bit risky. And Karl even covers what he has done when the experience ran off the tracks.


Even with the best slides, and the best stories, what do you do when the technology lets you down? Listen as Karl talks about how speakers need to have technology back-ups at hand.


Connect with Karl Sakas on LinkedIn, on his website, SakasandCompany.com and on Twitter.

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How can a speaker deal with a hostile audience? Or, as Alan tags them, “Prisoners”…




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