207: Dr. Ann Kulze | Nutrition and Healthy Living

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Dr. Ann Kulze has the uncanny ability to break down the science behind healthy living into an easily-digestible message.

She is a physician that doesn’t have a practice – rather, she’s on a mission to inspire people to use diet and lifestyle to totally transform their health, happiness, and quality of life.

Her speaking career grew from a calling to promote wellness. On the podcast, Dr. Ann shares her journey from a lucrative primary care practice to finding her personal flow on the stage.

Process and Preparation

Dr. Ann feels her process of becoming a speaker has been organic. She says she wouldn’t change how she came to be an international keynote speaker, but she definitely knows a lot more today than when she began.

She comes to the stage with a desire to teach, and sprinkles in stories to make each talk relevant and inspiring to each unique audience. Though you need a polished message as a speaker, she suggests a speaker needs to have a personal and in-depth conversation with the person bringing you into the group. She breaks this idea out on the podcast.

Should a speaker speak for free?

There are times when speaking for free is the right thing to do. But speakers must maintain pricing integrity. Listen to the podcast as Dr. Ann goes deeper into this question.


Connect with Dr. Ann Kulze on her website Dr.AnnWellness.com, on Facebook, or Twitter. Get her books and companion resources to Eat Right for Life on her website.

Also – for health and wellness inspiration check out her videos on YouTube!


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