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When speakers seek to take their content into the online world, many consider creating a course. That’s the expertise this podcast speaker provides.

Dr. Kelly Edmonds designs and builds online ready courses. What she provides is more than a simple online course – she provides learning journeys. She brings everything she has discovered in the last 20 years about teaching, learning, and people to her instruction. Her design work is informed by her research, advanced degrees and mastered techniques, and she shares many free ideas on her site.

Speakers and Online Courses

Speakers who want to create an online course to scale up their business are one of Dr. Kelly’s valued segments. 

The online market is busy and noisy. In the podcast, Dr. Kelly Edmonds shares some tips and ideas when creating a course so speakers can be successful. One of the tips is that speakers who create online courses need to know what they want participants to do with what they’re learning after the course is completed.

Relevant course content needs your involvement along the way.  

On the podcast, Dr. Kelly Edmonds suggests the speaker needs to be involved in some “live” way with the course participants using webinars, online discussion forums or live call-in sessions. She feels that completely self-directed courses can’t have the full impact a course creator/speaker is hoping for without their involvement.

On her blog, she has articles and a page with resource options/ideas to use when building an online course.


Connect with Dr. Kelly Edmonds on her website, Dr. Kelly Edmonds, Creating Learning Journeys and on LinkedIn.

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