203: Cory Mosley | Change Catalyst

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Cory Mosley is a Change Catalyst who speaks professionally about how to become more credible, likable and bankable in the marketplace.

Know Before You Go

Cory Mosley says that when you speak you should hone in on your cornerstone content. When you speak, learn about the group before you go – know the break-up and make-up of the room so you can make the message new and unique for each audience.

On speaking for free, Cory suggests speakers think about the strategy on how to make the deal when you have the opportunity to speak. Listen to the Podcast to hear his suggestions on how to be strategic.

A Tip

Authenticity comes from being aligned with your strengths. It’s important to focus on those strengths when you’re speaking.


Connect with Cory Mosley on his website, and on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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