201: Lois Creamer | Marketing Expert for Speakers

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Lois Creamer works with professional/public speakers who want to get more bookings and create alternate revenue streams with their intellectual property by repurposing their content.

She’s the author of the book, “Book More Business: MAKE MONEY SPEAKING“.

What do Event Planners want from speakers?

Content. Event planners are looking for content. Lois Creamer says that the days of motivational speaking are over. Listen to understand how she’s come to this conclusion and how speakers can respond to remain relevant and build their business.


Continuing in the area of content, Lois Creamer feels that speakers must have a deep expertise in a specific area. Also, the sooner they can target a relevant industry, the greater their speaking business’ momentum will become. She goes on to give specific suggestions and illustrations in the podcast.


Connect with Lois Creamer on her website, Book More Business, on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Check out Lois Creamer’s book, as a primer on the speaking business.

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