119: Casey Cobb | Keynote Speaker


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Casey Cobb helps organizations thrive by keeping founders focused on delivering value. He has co-founded and invested in 13 different companies, including web development agency Project Ricochet, and speaks regularly at conferences to accelerators and companies on topics ranging from co-founder selection to his popular “Avoiding Accidental Evil” keynote.

Learning from Mistakes

Being passionate about speaking isn’t going to automatically make your speaking business come together. If he were beginning over, Casey Cobb would reach out to a speaker coach much sooner in the process.  On the podcast, he talks about all the benefits of engaging a consultant.

Preparation Precision

Casey Cobb talks about Chip Conely, as an example of someone’s style he admires – listen to understand his view of what’s important to prepare as a speaker. His experience in preparation is a bit different than other speakers we’ve interviewed this season.

Tools and Tips

Mindset is the best tool in every venture – if you are pushing your speaking business forward in a small way, every day, week and month, you will eventually be successful. Casey Cobb feels this mindset is as true in speaking, as it is in business and every other part of life, including parenting. Improve little things over a long time and you’ll achieve great things.

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Connect with Casey Cobb on his website, on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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