118: Katherine Fabrizio | Mother-Daughter Relationship Expert



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Katherine Fabrizio, the founder of Daughters Rising, helps adult daughters who had difficult mothers, empower themselves to parent their daughters in such a way their daughters receive what they never had themselves. Katherine is also a psychotherapist in practice for many years and author of “Daughters Rising”.

Learning from Mistakes

Saying too much, and offering disclaimers or conditional statements are the mistakes Katherine highlights in this podcast. She suggests speakers need to be confident in their message.

Preparation Precision

One point Katherine shares is that standing on the stage – practicing on the actual stage – helps you realize the lights are going to be in your eyes and you’ll have difficulty looking into people’s eyes to connect. She discusses more on how speakers stand and move. Listen to the podcast to hear ideas that impact all speakers.

The speakers that Katherine likes to watch and emulate are Meryl Streep and Marriane Williamson because they command the stage in a feminine way.

One Tip

Grab everyone and anyone you can, including the dog, to practice your speech.


Connect with Katherine Fabrizio on her website, Daughters Rising, on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, and see her KEY5 presentation here.

MillsWyck Minute

When you’re speaking, having someone say, “You rock!” is not a good thing. Listen to the podcast to understand Alan’s tip this week.

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