117: Evan Carroll | Keynote Speaker


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Evan Carroll is a professional keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who inspires companies to leverage technology, data, and analytics to drive customer loyalty and advocacy. He’s the author of two technology books, Your Digital Afterlife and Blue Goldfish.


Assuming your marketing materials will work (all on their own), Evan says his greatest learning comes from the mistakes he’s made.

“Having all the marketing pieces in place does not equal gigs,” says Evan Carroll

The best marketing a speaker can do is be on the stage and speak!

Preparation Precision

What you should do to ensure you’re staying on the stage is to seek out every possible stage you can – even if it means you’re not being paid. Fill up the month with speaking even if they are local events or you’ve created your own event.

Speakers Speak. If you want to be a professional speaker you must be seeking the opportunities.

A Process to Prepare

  • work through ideas before pen goes onto paper (listen to hear more)
  • create a way to connect with the audience
  • deliver a powerful message through a consistent theme – Evan expands on this idea in the Podcast – it’s brilliant!
  • convey the message through story

Process to Deliver the Speech

After the usual things you need to do to prepare to deliver a presentation (Evan lists them), having the right emotional state as you go onto the stage is the most important part of delivering the presentation.

NOTE: the KEY5 Conference team in January 2017 can easily confirm Evan’s ability to get into the right emotional state. Evan Carroll became our pinch hitter Master of Ceremonies when weather circumstances grounded our scheduled MC. Evan jumped in on the morning of the event and performed perfectly and with panache!

About Q&A in a Presentation

Evan has a specific way he handles questions in a presentation. He provides some brilliant practical suggestions for all speakers to consider – listen to the podcast to find some new ideas to add to your repertoire as a professional speaker.


You can connect with Evan Carroll on his website, on LinkedIn, and Twitter. Take a look at his YouTube channel to see him in action!

MillsWyck Minute

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Alan makes a point today that will make you chuckle…

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