116: Wendy Gates Corbett | Presentation Consultant


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Wendy Gates Corbett is a Presentation Consultant who fixes boring presentations and presenters by providing presentation design and delivery consulting. She speaks nationally on the power of visuals and presenting powerfully with presence.

Learning from Mistakes

Make sure you’re in sync with the theme, vibe or tone of the event at which you’re going to speak. Wendy shares her story of learning from her experiences – listen to the podcast for the details. Robert is sure there are many speakers who have a similar experience to share – what about you?

Your Visuals and Slides

Wendy Gates Corbett provides a great number of valuable ideas for all speakers on preparing their visuals and slides. Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear all Wendy’s suggestions. You’re going to hear ideas you’ve never considered.

Preparation Precision

It’s an ever-evolving process to prepare, Wendy says. One of the main ideas in her preparation process is to focus on having one main idea that’s practical for everyone in the audience. She then expands her presentation to support that one practical takeaway. Memorability is Wendy Gates Corbett’s desire for each presentation. She has a solid point about using specific vocabulary and how visuals may need to change!

 A Tip from Wendy

Practice your presentation out loud.  Practice even if you feel you know your presentation. The more energy you can give to your audience, the greater impact your presentation can have on your audience. We all have a finite amount of energy and using that energy to remember your content does your audience a disservice. Use your energy to connect with the audience.


Connect with Wendy Gates Corbett on her company’s website, Refresher-Training.com, on LinkedIn and Twitter on her speaker website, WendyGatesCorbett.com

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