114: Stephanie Scotti | Business Speech Coach

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Stephanie Scotti has dedicated her entire career to preparing speakers for high-stakes events. Her expertise enables clients to consistently outperform the competition, gain recognition, win new business, shape policy, and influence decision-makers.

At the beginning of the podcast, Stephanie explains the journey her career has taken from her first love of public speaking to working with key policy makers, including the President’s Cabinet, preparing them to speak on energy policy and onward to coaching CEOs and business executives.

Learning from Mistakes

Two ideas came immediately to Stephanie’s mind when Robert asked her about learning from mistakes:

  1. Remember that your PowerPoint deck is not your presentation.
  2. People resist or neglect practicing out loud.

She went on to explain in detail these two points – listen to learn more!

Different Presenters

Over the years, Stephanie Scotti watched business leaders deal with time constraints when preparing to speak to a group. She asked herself a question… (you’ll need to listen to the podcast to know what that question was).

From that question, she realized speakers fall into one of three categories: expert – interpreter – catalyst. 

In the podcast, Stephanie expands on these three types of speakers and then explains her assessment tool, the Value Chain of Public Speaking. It’s a fascinating tool and her explanation of the three types of speakers will cause you to wonder which type of speaker you are!

One Tip

There are enough ways in the world for everyone to have their own.” was Stephanie Scotti’s final tip to speakers. There’s no need to imitate anyone else. Authenticity is a speaker’s greatest strength.


Connect with Stephanie Scotti on her website, ProfessionallySpeaking.net, on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

MillsWyck Minute

millswyck minute

What does practice make… ?  (It’s not perfect!) Alan talks about why it’s so important to practice out loud and then provides an extra, advanced tip!

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