113: Graeme Newell | Emotional Marketing

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Graeme Newell is a researcher, speaker, and author who guides businesses in finding and implementing their authentic business purpose. He’s the co-author oRed Goldfish: Motivating Sales and Loyalty Through Shared Passion and Purpose” 

Graeme’s company, 602Communications, has consulted with some of the world’s most emotionally passionate brands, including GE, CNN, Sony, Disney, Metlife, CBS, News Corp, CNBC, and Madison Square Garden.

One Mistake

One mistake Graeme Newell sees is that speakers don’t realize that speaking is a business. He says that 95% of speaking is selling – cold-calling, doing PR and being on social media.

It’s critical that speakers have a defined revenue model and that connects to his one tip: a professional speaker who wants to make a living at this has to be a great business person first.

Building a Business

Speaking for free is good for the practice – to try out new material in front of an audience. He has a whole list of places where he can speak to hone each presentation.

In addition, Graeme’s revenue model is to get in front of people who can pay him for consulting, research or training, so speaking for free is fine if there’s a qualified audience at the event.

Networking in associations and getting out to meet people, and other speakers are all part of building a business – Graeme Newell is candid in his explanation that you can’t wait at home, but rather speakers must do a great number of cold-calls to find the people who can hire you. Communication is the key to building a business.

Preparation Precision

Graeme Newell’s video blogs (vlogs) are the genesis of his speaking content. All the video and social media pieces can become formatted and segmented for a larger purpose, all packaged into a central theme. Graeme has a library of hundreds of vlogs that can be recycled to demonstrate a specific concept.

To address the fluctuating nature of how much time a speaker has, even after being promised a certain number of minutes, Graeme has a planning process where every speech can have a perfect 20-minute version, 40-minute version or 1-hour version. It’s about planning.

His presentations rely on being able to use video, so Graeme has a complete plan (up to a 4th redundancy) to cover technical issues. Listen to the podcast to hear his technical planning strategy – it’s brilliant!


You can connect with Graeme Newell on his website, 602Communications, on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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