112: Stephanie McDilda | Heart-Based Leadership

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Stephanie McDilda is a heart-based leadership expert who helps leaders reduce turnover and absenteeism while increasing engagement and employee satisfaction.

She knows that the key to leading successfully is to come from your heart, communicating authentically, building rapport, providing real developmental experiences, enforcing tough decisions and expecting the best from your employees.

Learning from Mistakes

She says this learning came to mind as soon as she saw the topic: investigate to understand the needs of the group you’re speaking with before showing up to speak. Stephanie McDilda shares one instance from her experiences where what she was told to address wasn’t what the group felt they needed. Great, real-life, on-the-ground learning! (Be sure to listen to the podcast to get the whole story!)

Preparation Precision

Find out who is in the room, and know their expectations. And because “Heart-Based Leadership” is a relatively new term, Stephanie will connect with some of the attendees to ask them what questions come to their minds when they hear the term “heart-based leadership” so she can include answers to those questions in her presentation. She does some customization preparation to her core presentation to make it relevant and then she’ll speak her presentation out loud. Many times. Stephanie says that her two cats are great practice partners!


Stephanie McDilda is active on social media, and success has come from referrals. One unique thing she does is to suitable opportunities on Thumbtack.com . The other way Stephanie reaches out is to SHRM – in the podcast, she clues listeners into the details on how to do that.


Be aware of time restraints. You may need to adjust your talk to the time available but reflect your professionalism by being time aware and end on time.

Demonstrate professionalism as a #speaker - be aware of your time and end on time - regardless! via @SMcDilda… Click To Tweet


Connect with Stephanie McDilda on her website, Flashpoint InternationalLinkedIn, and Twitter – also take a look at her KEY5 interview video.

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