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Dr. Dave Minionis likes to say that he “unwraps” people – he helps them discover their gifts and their greatest areas of improvement with respect to presentation skills. He leads the training company, Humanetrics – making smart people… people smart!

Learning from Mistakes

Dr. Dave Minionis says the greatest hindrance to an effective presentation is to rely on your ability to “wing it”. In his interview, he tells a story of how he came to understand that preparation is the most important step for a great presentation.

Preparation Precision

With the right preparation before a presentation, you make it easy to be natural and genuine, in addition to making the presentation easier for the listener’s ear.

He suggests organizing the content into 3 or 4 idea chunks. Then add stories. A speech without stories is boring!

Rehearse for flow, including speaking the talk aloud to feel the cadence and to find the right words to convey the message. It’s better to find you need other phrases to convey your message in the preparation stage, then on stage!

Top Tip

If, as a speaker, you can keep people interested and alert, and also do the intangible of making them like you…

Likeability is the first ingredient in a successful presentation.

When Dr. Dave coaches people one of the ways he develops their gifts is to work with them on the four keys to develop likeability: Mind, Face, Body, and Voice.

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Connect with Dr. Dave Minionis on his website, Humanetrics, and on LinkedIn. Take a look at his 2017 KEY5 interview video.

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