110: Karin Wiberg | Editor and Publisher

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Karin Wiberg is an editor and publisher, and so much more. She works with thought-leaders to write and publish nonfiction books. Many of those thought-leaders speak on their topics.

Writing and collaborating with speakers is a natural fit for Karin.

Speakers Writing Books

Firstly, Karin says don’t worry about feeling qualified to write. You have topics you speak about – and some of the audience will want to go deeper so the book you write allows them to do that. You have a built-in audience –  you’re qualified to write about what you speak.

If a speaker has difficulty writing, Karin Wiberg says she’s found one of the secrets is to “talk your content”.

  • Turn your topics into questions.
  • Expand on the level of detail you want to write about.
  • Then have someone interview you.
  • Have the interview transcribed and those words become your initial draft for the book.

This process is one of the many techniques Karin uses when her clients struggle with blank-page-syndrome!

Learning From Mistakes

Don’t imitate someone else’s style – find your own. Too many people are mimicking the Ted Talk style of formal presentation and not taking the time to find their own voice.  It’s no different than new writers who take a while to find their own voice and style on the page.

The trick, in both cases, is to watch and read other writers and speakers to take in what you like and what you wouldn’t replicate until your own style and voice emerges.


Know when to listen to the opinions of certain people, and what to listen to when you’re working to find your own style. Not all opinions are created equal. Use your own judgment to know when to listen and when to shut other voices out and listen to your own inner voice.

Preparation Precision

Karin Wiberg has two specific suggestions for speakers seeking to prepare:

When working on a new speech, develop content early, run it by many people, including live audiences even if it’s your spouse and friends. Iteration is the key to improvement.

Iteration is the key to improvement for #speakers seeking to prepare their content - via @kswiberg in the KEY5… Click To Tweet

If you’re someone who talks about emotional topics, be sure to do the live practice. If you’re going to tear up, and/or lose your voice you want to that when you’re with your spouse or friends – not on stage.


Connect with Karin Wiberg on her website, Clear Sight Books,  LinkedIn and Twitter. Take a look at Karin’s KEY5 interview video to meet her and understand her passion.

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