107: Kevin C. Snyder | Speaker, Coach and Publisher

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Dr. Kevin C. Snyder is a speaker who inspires audiences with passion, purpose and a powerful call to action. He’s also a speaker coach, author, and publisher. He began as a leadership “junkie” and it all grew from there.

Signature Story

A good story is engaging – but a signature story differentiates a speaker. His signature story is about The Price is Right – it’s a personal experience.

What must a signature story contain?

  • it must engage the audience
  • it has a universal message
  • it has a solution to common problems

Even years later, a speaker’s signature story is what people remember.

On Meeting Planners

Meeting planners are looking for:

  • an extraordinary speech
  • that the speaker can deliver expert content
  • and the people at the event will find value while they’re being engaged

Preparation Precision

Preparing a speech is like planting a seed. It grows and develops.

Preparing a speech is like planting a seed - learn more from @kevincsynder on the KEY5 #podcast Click To Tweet
  • you must have a story – it’s your message
  • you need to be engaging
  • you need to have a concrete call to action
  • and frame your content to solve your listeners’ problem.


A strategy is key. It’s not about secrets, tips or tricks.

  • surround yourself with people who are speaking
  • use a speaker coach for the specifics on speaking
  • your business of speaking must have other revenue models

Speak for free – until you get the fee!

Speak for free - until you get the fee! via @kevincsnyder on the KEY5 #podcast - click to learn more! Click To Tweet


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