106: Carol Linden | People Expert

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Carol Linden is a speaker, consultant, corporate trainer, a member of the National Speaker’s Association and author of  “The Job Seekers Guide for Extraverts and Introverts“.  She says,

My company is “Playing Well with People” because playing well with others is just good business!”

On Speaker Associations

We can’t learn it all on our own.

Know the value of being a part of a local speaker group, and seriously consider joining the National Speaker’s Association and eSpeakers Bureau. Though Toastmasters doesn’t fit Carole’s needs or style, she’s seen definite advantages for other speakers who have gone the Toastmaster route.

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Preparation Precision

Before you get to the location, connect with the planner and get all the logistics right: cords, clicker, and technology in general.

Then practice your talk, especially the transition points. On paper, highlight in bold all the transitions and then practice over and over and over out loud. It’s not only athletes that need practice!

One Recommendation

Believe in and be passionate about your message. Be genuine and share what will be of help and service to the listeners.


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