104: Marcey Rader | Health and Productivity

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Marcey Rader, an author, and speaker who focuses on productivity and health wants to disrupt the status quo of ill health and reactive behaviors and inspire people to be and do what they think they can’t.

Preparation Precision

In addition to the obvious preparation, when a company wants to customize their presentation,

  • Marcey sends a “score card” to attendees – it’s a survey on Google Docs to gather information
  • and then creates an infographic and handout from those score cards

Her material for new presentations invariably comes from feedback from the audience. Her newest presentation is about distraction in the workplace which is a direct result of audience insights.

Use feedback from your audience to create new presentation content. #tip from @MarceyRader on the KEY5 #Speakers… Click To Tweet

Being Hired as a Speaker

Marcey Rader talks about various ways to be hired as a professional speaker including,

  • a new source for her – the eSpeakers Bureau
  • asking for a connection with a decision maker
  • referrals – which takes a long time to build the pipeline

Speakers To Watch

Marcey enjoys watching Tony Robbins and Brendan Bouchard because of their energy when speaking.  Marcey also enjoys a Raleigh native, Dave Rendall.  At the Key5 Conference Marcey was impressed by Karl Sakas’ unexpected humor.

Marcey Rader’s Tips

Find a mentor.

Receive feedback on pricing your value as a presenter.


Connect with Marcey Rader on her Website, MarceyRader.com – on Twitter – on FacebookLinkedIn and watch Marcey Rader’s KEY5 presentation HERE.

Check out Marcey’s books on Amazon – “Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s Survival Guide”  and “Hack the Mobile Lifestyle – 6 steps to Work Well and Play More”

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