103: Stan Phelps | Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

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Stan Phelps is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at PurpleGoldfish.com, an organization that inspires leaders to think differently about their most important stakeholders: customers and employees. He is the author of six books on customer experience and employee engagement.

Stan Phelps went from marketing to writing about marketing and then into speaking. After his first book “What’s your Purple Goldfish?” was written, he was approached to speak.

He says about speakers and the importance of having a book:

A book helps you stand out in a “sea of sameness”.

How to get hired as a speaker?

If you want to be hired as a speaker, first consider the needs of the group and/or the person hiring you, then position yourself to stand out as a speaker by how you can do one or more of these three things:

  • make them money
  • save them money
  • make them look good

Preparation Precision

Preparation ensures your message will resonate with the audience.

  • Ask the event coordinator for people to interview. Set up a phone interview with 3-6 people.  Use the insight you receive from these interviews to hone your content. and you’ll walk into the room with a group of champions waiting.
  • Use the first 1/3 of your preparation time to organize what you’ll be presenting.
  • Then invest the next 1/3 of your time with how the presentation will flow.
  • The last 1/3 of time for preparation should be used for practice – even by arriving early to become familiar with the room, the presentation in the room, and the people.

By doing all this, you’ll create a rich experience for everyone at the event.

Handling Q & A?

Finish your presentation with a “last story”. Build the Q & A timing into the presentation before your a “last story”.  By doing that, it ensures the audience’s memory of you will be something to resonate with the entire room.

Connect with Stan Phelps

Connect and learn more about Stan Phelps at his Website – Purple Goldfish Think Tank – on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn.

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Tip from Stan Phelps & Alan Hoffler

Single Thought – One Person  S.T.O.P.

Share one thought while looking at one person, before you move onto the next thought and the next person.

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