102: Melissa West | Entrepreneur Success Coach


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Melissa West of Xtreme Results Coaching helps people think differently so they do differently. She inspires, energizes and empowers her clients to create the amazing life and business of their dreams and her speaking presentations do the same.

The phrase she tells herself as she prepares for every speaking opportunity is,

Don’t let what I want to say get in the way of what the audience needs to hear.”

In her interview with Robert on the KEY5Podcast, Melissa touches on:

  • When might you tweak your speech?
  • What homework do you do before you begin your speech?
  • Heart or Head? What works best for the audience?
  • How to be sure you connected with the audience?
  • Coaching or Speaking – which comes first?
  • From where do you get your “style”?
  • Her final tip for other speakers?

“Don’t give up on working on your message – your voice is meant to be heard!” 

was the final tip from Melissa West.

Connect with Melissa West (Malueg) on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and her website XtremeResultsCoaching. Watch Melissa’s KEY5 presentation.

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