101: Alan Hoffler | Communication Coach

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Professional speaker – or business professional? It doesn’t matter.

Everyone is a communicator.

Everyone is in the speaking business, whether they realize it or not.

Alan Hoffler is the Executive Director and Principal Trainer at MillsWyck Communications. He believes that communication has the power to change a person, an organization, a community, and the world. With a coach’s passion, a teacher’s heart, and an engineer’s mind, he creates practical paths to greatness for his clients.

In this first KEY5 Podcast, Alan Hoffler touches on:

  • mistakes we all make
  • if all you hear is praise, it limits how you grow
  • why watching a video of yourself speaking is needed
  • why a speaker needs a coach
  • conduit, content, connection – where do people struggle?
  • and more!

Alan recommends studying other speakers, study yourself on video, and keep practicing – professionals continue to improve.

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Each Podcast includes a “MillsWyck Minute”, where Alan Hoffler highlights one speaking concept. 


In this podcast, Alan talks about making mistakes as a speaker – how should you respond when you make a mistake?


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